Brachsensalmler, Abramites hypselonotus

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    Brachsensalmler, Abramites hypselonotus?

    Ich habe zur Zeit 5 Stück, und finde sie sehr interessant! Ich kann leider nicht erkennen, was sie so fressen. Abgemargert sehen sie aber auch nicht aus. Auch wechseln sie öfters ihre mamorierte Farbe ins fast schwarze.

    Wie sind Eure Erfahrungen?

    Gruß Bakinator

  • I have twice had single individuals of A. hypselonotus for several years, but this was years ago. I currently have a single Anostomus anostomus, in the same family and not too unlike Abramites in terms of needs and behavior.

    I find difficult to imagine that 'marbled headstanders' (the common name in the US) will let themselves go hungry, as they are extremely eager eaters, always grazing on films on plants and aquarium decor. Also, they can be somewhat aggressive at feeding time.

    If algae and plants that you don't mind them eating are not in your tank, a suggestion is to administer Nori (unsalted, unseasoned dried seaweed), hanging from clips. They will love you for it!! They will eat anything but they do love their veggies of all kinds (photos below showing an Anostomus)

    I suspect you have not had your Abramites for very long, and wish you good luck. I have never had 5 individuals in a single tank, but 2 together did not work at all. It is possible you may in tome see aggression against the smallest or weaker one, and may have to split them for safety. I hope this is not the case, as they are very nice fish and are indeed a group type of fish, but in nature they live in much larger quarters.