A new species of Aspidoras (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) from a small coastal drainage in northeastern Brazil [Aspidoras kiriri]

  • Lívia M. A. Oliveira, Angela M. Zanata, Luiz F. C. Tencatt, Marcelo R. Britto



    A new species of Aspidoras from the rio da Dona basin, a small coastal river drainage in Bahia State, is described herein. The new taxon differs from its congeners by presenting infraorbital 1 with well-developed ventral laminar expansion, nuchal plate nearly reaching to or sometimes contacting posterior process of parieto-supraoccipital, anterior tip of nuchal plate just posterior to dorsal margin of first dorsolateral body plate, and blotches on dorsal half of dorsolateral body plates and/or ventral half of ventrolateral body plates fused with midlateral series of blotches, forming three or four enlarged and oblique black blotches.

    Quelle: Neotrop. ichthyol. vol.15 no.1 Maringá 2017 Epub Mar 30, 2017