A new Corydoras (Ostariophysi: Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) with an unusual sexual dimorphism from the rio Juruena basin, Brazil [Corydoras rikbaktsa]

  • Flávio C.T. Lima & Marcelo R. Brito



    A new Corydoras is described from the rio Juruena system, upper rio Tapajós drainage, Amazon basin, Brazil. The new Corydoras is distinguished from all congeners by presenting a combination of a conspicuous broad vertical dark bar on head, at the level of the eye (mask), an overall light background color without large blotches or stripes on body or fins, the presence of two to four small dark blotches along the midline, and pectoral spine with antrorse serrations on its posterior margin. Males of the new species possess numerous, well-developed odontodes over the lateral portions of head, pectoral girdle, and pectoral spines, an uncommon feature for the genus. The new species is hypothesized to belong, within the genus Corydoras, either to Lineage 6 or Lineage 9.

    Quelle: ZooTaxa, Vol. 4742, No. 3 (Der vollständige Artikel ist kostenpflichtig.)