Trichomycterus sketi: a new species of subterranean catfish (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Andean Cordillera of Colombia

  • César A. Castellanos-Morales


    A new catfish species belonging to genus Trichomycterus Valenciennes (Trichomycteridae) is described. Trichomycterus sketi n. sp. was collected in Cueva del Indio located in the upper río Opón basin, Magdalena river system, in the Andean Cordillera, Santander department, Colombia. The new species differs from other species of the genus by having posterior fontanel divided into two widely separated portions; head wider than body; body thin, nearly as deep as wide. The new species is compared with cave species of the genus having restricted distributions in South America and with epigean species from Colombia.

    Quelle: Biota Colombiana 11 (1 y 2), 2010, S.33

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